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Pallets Can Help Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

As the unsung heroes of logistics, pallets tend to get passed by when credit is being dished out. Although they often don’t get the credit they deserve, these trusty servants of shipment are the backbone of movement in regards to getting a product from one place to another. We all have our own personal goals that we’d like to accomplish this year, but we also have our professional resolutions that we desire to achieve as well. This year, take advantage of pallets and pallet couriers to make your business even greater than it already is.

Prevent Product Damage

Although it may be easy to kick a product or two under the rug after it’s been damaged, it’s things like these that can hold a business back from growing. Failing to keep goods safe while in storage or en route to their new destinations can have major implications. The first step towards making sure all goods are passed on to pallet couriers in a safe and efficient way is to stack goods on every pallet. Depending on the pallet in use you’ll be able to create enough friction between pallet and product to ensure that goods do not carelessly slip off the pallet and become damaged.


When every pallet is able to be lifted by a pallet jack, product becomes easy to move from one place to another. Moving goods by hand can be a laborious process that will quickly lead to fatigue amongst employees. Swiftly moving product means that deadlines can be met on time leading customers to be pleased with their service.

Increase Storage Space

Pallets welcome the role of beasts of burden when in the warehouse. They have the ability to withstand large amounts of weight without breaking and can even be stacked, one on top of the other. More storage space means having the ability to store more product. The versatility that a pallet offers means that they can be constructed into vertical towers until the time comes when the product must be moved again. This luxury allows for better utilization of the warehouse.

Less Work Related Injuries

No matter the type of job, there’s bound to be some number of work related injuries. But when dealing with heavy objects the likelihood of an injury drastically increases. Take out all of the bone crunching lifting by placing products on every pallet. With all of the heavy lifting out of the equation you’re much less likely to have employees miss work on account of an injury.

Office life can be greatly improved by exposing people to the natural world

There is a growing body of thought that posits that office life can be greatly improved by exposing people to the natural world, even in small ways. The Good Life Project is currently searching for companies to participate in a study on the effects of increased access to nature in the office. Could incorporating nature into our office designs have positive impacts on our health and well-being at work?

The Good Life Project “aims to provide evidence-based and cost-effective solutions to the benefits of nature in making businesses happier, healthier and more profitable”. It is one of a growing number of qualitative and quantitative studies of this subject, but this study will also measure the effects of specific tactics, including having workers help care for an indoor herb garden, encouraging them to spend time outdoors during the day, and providing nature-themed wall art.

The Good Life study comes after years of concern that increasing hours spent in enclosed spaces, under artificial light, and under stress to boot are contributing to our overall lack of health. In addition, 50 percent of the world’s population now lives in urban areas. With the increased access to jobs and services, however, has come increased incidence of mental health issues, which are exacerbated by work-related stress and, it seems, by the actual environments in which we spend so much of our time.

In 2015, researchers at Stanford University published a study focusing on rumination, which in the mental health context refers to a focus on the negative aspects of one’s life. They reported: “Through a controlled experiment, we investigated whether nature experience would influence rumination … a known risk factor for mental illness. Participants who went on a 90-min walk through a natural environment reported lower levels of rumination and showed reduced neural activity in an area of the brain linked to risk for mental illness compared with those who walked through an urban environment. These results suggest that accessible natural areas may be vital for mental health in our rapidly urbanizing world.”

It does make intuitive sense: So much of our lives are now spent working – the much-anticipated short workday and workweek are just words in book titles for most people. For many, most of their waking hours are spent at work, and it stands to reason that good office design could go at least part of the way toward alleviating our stress. In other qualitative studies, workers report feeling more satisfied with their workplaces when they had greenery, natural light, and colours that reflected natural spaces. The research and advocacy organization Human Spaces has published considerable literature on what people want in their workplaces and the benefits of design that incorporates nature.

The evidence is growing, and we can only hope that companies and commercial office space designers start taking it to heart – it will be good for people and good for the bottom line.

A vacation rental is to increase its profitability potential

For most people, the aim when listing a vacation rental is to increase its profitability potential. Nowadays, there are various methods whereby a person can do this, such as offering the place on sites like Relaxation on the Beach where thousands of travellers would be interested. By placing the rental on this site, one would image the money should start rolling in from vacationers, right? Not exactly. For a listing to be a success, it is necessary to treat it in a certain manner and take various considerations into account.

For any vacation rental to be a success, it is recommended you treat the place as you would a small storefront. In addition to the home, the customer requires high-quality service for you to receive any amount of profitability. If you are new to this area of the business arena, do not fret. This article will point out some top tips on how to manage a vacation rental like a small business entrepreneur.

  1. Evaluating And Understanding Risks

The first step to successfully managing a vacation rental is to outline and cover any potential risks. All small business owners take the time to understand any possible causes for a profit loss; thereby finding practical solutions to cover each before it occurs. When reviewing the risks, it is recommended you list the concerns first and then pair each concern with a prevention measure. The prevention measures could be various items including additional security, contract modifications, or specialty insurance. Always take the time to research the issue and find the measures with the highest potential for reducing any uncovered risks.

  1. Investing In Security

Security is a critical aspect as it will ensure the safety of the customers. This is true in all industries; however, it is particularly important for individuals in the hospitality industry. It is often seen that homeowners will fail to note the significance of a home security system; therefore, while they may have one they do not use it. You may have a preference when it comes to your personal residence, but you should not treat the rental location as you would your home, rather treat it as a business. By investing in a business security system, you will be able to reassure the guests that they will experience a comfortable and secure vacation. The system will also protect the rental from break-ins or dishonest house guests.

  1. Thinking Of The Client’s Needs

The successful businessman is one that is constantly considering ways in which they can improve their service to meet consumer needs. One of the most effective methods to achieve this goal is to view the situation from the client’s perspective allowing you to gain a better idea of what they may need during the stay. Consider what you would appreciate during a stay and how these items can be made accessible to the current guests.

Marketing the space well is also important and the site you choose to showcase your property on should be clear, have a solid marketing strategy and also showcase the strengths and amenities of the space. Look at how these Gulf Shores vacation rentals are presented to get an idea of what it looks like when it is done well.