Cost Saving Wedding Tips For Your Dream Wedding

Cost saving wedding tips that help you pay for your honeymoon. Couples always seem to get caught up in the planning of the wedding and realize a little to late that they need money to go on honeymoon too. These 8 cost saving wedding tips will help you save money while planning your wedding so that you can also have enough money to go on your dream honeymoon as well.

8 Cost Saving Wedding Tips

1.There are still ways to save money even if you have to use the venues designated caterer. Instead of ordering a starter course rather op for canapes. Let your guests eat your wedding cake instead of having dessert. Often the wedding cake is such a waste as most people are full after dessert and nobody touches the wedding cake.

2. Sit down servings are very expensive. Opt for a buffet. A buffet costs a lot less and people can choose what they would like to eat, so there isn’t so much wastage. It also offers your guests a way to mingle and chat with your other guests.

3. Alcohol- I hear you moan. This cost saving wedding tips can save you literally hundreds of dollars not to mention stop those embarrassing drunken moments. Why not have mock-tails or an Italian soda bar.

4. With regards to your wedding cake, a fruit cake is more cost effective than having a sponge cake. People eat smaller amounts of fruit cake as it is more filling and therefore is a more cost effective option.

5. When hiring a video camera operator, only have one camera. The more cameras you have the more expensive the quote. It is possible that extra cameras could charge an extra $400 to $1000 per camera. Great cost saving wedding tips hey! Most weddings are shot using one camera only, one camera will be more than enough.

6. You can save money on your wedding by not hiring a musician. If you have an iPod, organize all your favorite songs in folders. Have a folder for the ceremony, one for the cocktail time and lastly for the actually reception. You could have about 6 hours of playing time.

7. If your wedding reception is held at a hotel, ask for discounts as your family and friends will most probably stay at same hotel. To get the best discounted rates, several months prior to your wedding reserve a block of rooms for your guests. Speak with the right manager when requesting discounts and reserving rooms. Timing is everything for this specific cost saving wedding tips.

8. Keep your wedding invitation simple. Stick to a simple bifold invitation (like a card) as a trifold and gatefold invitation are more expensive due to the paper stock as well as more production is involved.

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