Essential Low Budget Wedding Tips

Are you worth $30,000? You bet you are. But can you actually afford to part with that amount to get married? Low budget weddings are gaining in popularity all the time, especially in the current economic climate. Many brides and grooms settle for less, you can still have a wedding to remember even on a tight budget

But what is the best way to plan you budget wedding and still have a dream day. It is not as difficult as you think and these 3 low budget wedding tips are the key to that success

1. Planning to Organise

Get yourselves wedding ready and in control straight away. Buy a cheap notebook and plastic wallet type file. You can keep leaflets, quotes and information in here in one place. Never lose a phone number again.

Find yourself a free wedding budget planner if you can and start agreeing the costs you will pay at most and where your priorities lie. You must agree this with your partner and the families, so everyone knows the score and is ready to help

2. Research, Research, Research

Start your wedding education right now, as soon as you have committed to each other. Don’t get sucked in by all the glossy magazines, except to get some style ideas you can turn budget. If you really to have a low budget wedding, then look local.

List your main items such as reception venue, dress, food, cake and cars. Hit your local library and the internet and start reading. If you have a little spare cash, invest in one of the superb recommended reads you find. It will pay off in the end and you should have plenty of budget wedding ideas.

3. Recommendations

You can find as many companies as you have time to research, but nothing beats that personal recommendation, reports or condemnation from someone you trust.

Start talking to friends, family and relatives. Not only can they give you some good ideas about what they might have seen at a wedding, but they may also have names and contacts to get you started. Note them down in your notebook and put any cards in your filing system you started in Number 1

Stick to these low budget wedding tips and you can have your dream wedding without the nightmare bill. Don’t live with debt for the rest of your marriage. Be stress and debt free