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All You Need to Know About Recording Drums With Microphones

The music lovers who are in existence are not a few. If you are one of these people, you need to identify the musical instrument that you are really interested in. You should not be surprised to find a person who loves drums recording the sound that they produce. It is unfortunate that lack of money for a multi-channel recording is what makes some people who love playing drum kits not to record them as they play. Such is not good since you can also record drums with microphones. The lack of knowledge on drum recording with microphones is what makes a number of people not to for this option. Read below to know more about recording drums with two microphones.

It is impossible to do the perfect drum recording with microphones if a good set of microphones is not used. The fact that there are plenty of microphones in the market today makes it hard to make the perfect choice of the microphones to use when recording. However, make sure that you purchase an overhead condenser microphone. An overhead condenser microphone can handle huge pressures, and this is why you need to use it during the recording. Your bass drum should be accompanied by a dynamic microphone. Never buy microphones that cannot be used when it comes to vocals and guitars when it comes to buying of microphones for your drum recording work.

The drums to be used during the recording need to be carefully selected. The fact that a certain drum produces good quality sound should make you use during your recording work. Use drums with new drum heads when recording drums with microphones. You will do perfect recording of drums with microphones if you tune your drum kit before the recording. The internet can provide you with information on how to tune a drum kit.

Ignoring room setup is bad when it comes to the drum recording with microphones. Room setup plays a major role when it comes to the sound that is going to be produced by drums. Great sound is got if a room is a well set up room. You can use sheets or curtains during room setup.

How your microphones are placed during the recording is something that you should not ignore when it comes to recording of drums. For perfect drum recording, the microphones need to be well placed. The hole found in the resonant head of a kick dream is for placing a microphone. Above is a discussion on how recording drums with microphones should be perfectly so read it if you want to do that.

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